Special Baggage


  • Special baggage is all baggage that, because of its nature, size, or weight, may be accepted only under certain conditions.
  • For acceptance of special baggage the conditions of carriage applies.
  • For some types of special baggage advance reservations should be made or Kenya Airways may refuse acceptance if deemed necessary.
  • If accepted, baggage shall be packed by the passenger in such a way that the item and/or its contents are sufficiently protected to endure ordinary handling.
  • Odd size baggage cannot always be accepted. Acceptance depends on the capacity of the aircraft operating on the passenger’s routing. If the baggage cannot be accommodated on one of the aircraft, it cannot be accepted for the whole route. The reply to the SSR shall then be UN, in which case the sale agents shall inform the passenger immediately.
  • When a passenger presents special baggage for check-in, the Customer Service Agent shall check the PNR of the passenger to verify whether transportation has been granted.
  • If the special clearance is missing in the customer records, the station shall decide to accept it for transport, provided KQ procedures are strictly adhered to.

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