Boeing 737-300F

The Boeing 737-300F is a freighter aircraft that is based on the Boeing 737-300. The aircraft is designed for cargo operations and is equipped with features tailored for efficient freight transportation. 

Cabin Features

  • Cabin Configuration: The cabin is designed and adapted for cargo-carrying purposes, typically featuring a large main cargo deck capable of accommodating various types of cargo, from general goods to bulk cargo.
  • Freight Handling: The cabin is equipped with cargo handling equipment such as rollers, nets, and securing mechanisms to ensure that cargo is properly loaded and secured during flight.
  • Flooring: The cabin floor is reinforced to handle the weight and movement of different types of cargo. It's designed to withstand the stresses associated with loading and unloading heavy items.
Boeing 737-300F
  • Cargo Door: The aircraft features a large main deck cargo door for loading and unloading cargo. This door is usually located on the forward left side of the aircraft and is designed to accommodate various sizes of cargo containers and pallets.
  • Cabin Pressurization and Temperature Control: Like its passenger counterpart, the 737-300F is equipped with a cabin pressurization system and temperature control to ensure a comfortable environment for the cargo and any personnel on board. 
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Basic Dimension

Wing Span 94ft 9in (28.9m)
Overall Length 105ft (32.2m)
Tail Height 36ft 6in (11.1m)
Interior Cabin Width 11ft 7in(3.53m)


Technical Information:  


Number of Aircraft:  

Max thrust per engine @ Sea Level  
22,000 lb  


Max. Fuel Capacity:  
16,157Kg (20,124litres/5,317US gal)  

Seat Pitch:  

Max. Take-off Weight:  
62,822Kg (138,499lb)  

Entertainment System:


Maximum Range:  
2,200nm (4,074km)  


Payload: Up to 18,000 KGS 

8 pallets position-(88" x 125" x 80") 

2 pallets position-(53" x 88" x 64") 

Main Desk Use able Volume-3860FT3 (109.3M3) 

Lower Desk Use able Volume-973FT3 (27.5M3) 

Typical Cruise Speed:  
@ 35,000ft altitude  
0.745 Mach (797km/h)