Mobile Banking or Bank transfer

This form of payment is currently available in the Kenya, Nigeria and a few selected African countries. It is a real time 24-hour digital payment solution that allows for bank-to-bank transfers at a low cost. it is easy to use, fast, convenient, secure and affordable. This option is available Online Banking, Mobile App and USSD Mobile Banking.

Cash payment

You can pay by cash after you have made your online booking. You then pay and retrieve your ticket at a Kenya Airways ticket office. Important to note there is usually a fee charged for cash payments. If you wish to pay at the ticket office, make sure to bring along the booking confirmation or booking code that you received by e-mail. Please note: Not all ticket offices accept cash payments.

Online banking, also known as ‘Real Time Online Banking’ (RTOB), allows you to shop and pay online safely and easily. Payment services include the below:


Other Methods of Payment (AMOPs)