As we re-open during this period of the Covid-19 pandemic, our passengers’ health and safety at every touchpoint is a key priority. Passengers searching for safe havens for their travel experience should get an assurance of our effort to provide a safe and clean environment within our lounges.

We have put in place measures that comply with the Ministry of Health and safety regulations to ensure the safety of our passengers. We have also implemented additional health and safety measures to ensure that our staff are well protected to serve our valuable customers.

Pride Lounge

Lounge Customer Journey Measures

1. Lounge Access

  1. We have installed protective flex glass at our reception counters to protect our passengers and our staff
  2. We have reduced our seating capacity by spacing out our seats to ensure that we meet the required social distancing of 1.5 metres.
  3. We have mounted appropriate signage for information and guidance to our passengers which include floor markings, social distance signage, sanitization and hand washing guides, biohazard bins, PPE wearing guide,
  4. We have mounted automated sanitizer dispensers at the entry points into the lounge and at various points within the lounges.
  5. We have closed the smoking room and the napping area to minimize the risk of cross contamination.

2. Contactless Journey

  1. Boarding passes will scanned without exchanging hands from the customer to staff.
  2. All food and beverage served at the table.
  3. Flexiglass counters separate the staff from the passengers.

3. Social distancing and Guest awarenes

  1. We have mapped our lounges and ensured seating has been reduced to comply with social distance requirement.
  2. Appropriate signage advocating for maintaining social distance and guidance mounted across the lounges.
  3. Our staff will ensure that monitor social distance compliance and sanitization as well as assisting guests with their health and safety concerns.
  4. We have announcements on Covid-19 including social distancing, hand washing/sanitization among other announcements.

4. Food and Beverage

  1. Table service has replaced buffet service for our guests indulgence.
  2. Print menu will be available upon request
  3. We have dedicated staff for food and beverage preparation, food handling and food and beverage service. The staff as dedicated to these roles to endure minimum exposure.
  4. We have ensured that our food production unit follows food hygiene standards and Critical Control points (CCPs) at every stage of food and beverage processing.
  5. We have been certified by Ministry of Health following an audit of our food and beverage production unit and processes.
  6. All food and beverage handling staff will have Covid-19 tests done every 14 days. Our staff are subjected to temperature checks at the start and end of every working shift.
Dining Area Simba Lounge
Simba Lounge Area

5. Cleaning and environment standards.

  1. We have an approved and dedicated cleaning team that has been trained on hygiene and sanitation. Our staff have been trained on cleaning surfaced specific to Covid-19 requirements.
  2. • We have installed 40 automatic hand sanitize dispensers mounted within different lounge sections easily accessible to guests with signage indicating the same.
  3. Hand sinks are available to complement the sanitizer stations.
  4. We have provided PPEs (masks, gloves, face shields, hair nets) for our staff and we have made it mandatory to have face masks at all times.
  5. Passengers will be required to have face masks when accessing the lounge and when within the lounge with the exception of when having meals.

Our lounges will continue offering our customers with our signature lounge experience while also protecting them from against the continued threat of Covid-19.

For any questions, queries or feedback; contact us on Loungesupervisor@kenya-airways.com or George.karimi@kenya-airways.com .