Baggage Allowance


Baggage allowance details shown are indications for Kenya Airways operated flights only and may be subject to change depending on aircraft operated on the day of travel.
Flights operated by other airlines under a Kenya Airways flight number may be subject to other baggage restrictions. 




 Routing/Special Category Passengers  Premier World  Economy
Africa - America/Europe

2 Pieces, 32kg  max each

2 Pieces, 23kg max each

Johannesburg - London / Paris / Amsterdam

2 Pieces, 32kg  max each

1 Pieces, 23kg max each

Africa- Middle East/Asia

2 Pieces, 32kg  max each     

2 Pieces, 23kg max each

Intra Africa 1 (East Africa and 5th freedom sectors)

Intra Africa 2 (Rest of Africa)          

2 Pieces, 32kg  max each  


2 Pieces, 32kg  max each  


2 Pieces, 23kg max each

2 Pieces, 23kg max each

1 Piece, 32kg  max each

1 Piece, max 23kg

Marine/Seamen/Military (for any routing)

2 Pieces, 32kg  max each

2 Pieces, 23kg  max each
Sky Team Elite Plus & Elite 
(Platinum, Gold and Silver card holders)
+1 Piece Extra, max 32kg +1 Piece Extra, max 23kg



 *5th Freedom sectors are all flights KQ operates without touching the hub, Nairobi e.g. Bujumbura-Kigali, Lusaka-Lilongwe, Bangkok-Guangzhou, Bangkok-Hongkong and vice versa. 


* As a mandatory standard each piece of checked in baggage shall have a name label that bears the passenger's name, physical address and phone number on the outside and also on the inside. The name should be the same as the one mentioned on the ticket. An email address is also recommended.




i. Guests travelling from Jeddah are allowed to carry one free bottle of Holy Water, Max 5 Litres. The bottle must be sealed with a plastic covering to avoid leakage. KQ has no liability on Holy Water, no claims shall be filed.





i. For ease of handling, the maximum weight of each piece of baggage shall not exceed 32kgs (70Ibs) and total dimensions shall not exceed 158cms(62 inches) (L+W+H)


Exceptions: Under special conditions or authorization, non-normal item, motorized wheelchairs, special sporting equipment may be accepted as checked baggage with exceeding weight of 32kgs.

For bags originating from Dubai, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, total dimensions shall not exceed 180cms (71 inches) for each bag.


ii. In addition to free cabin baggage allowance, an infant is entitled to 1 collapsible stroller plus 1 car seat free of charge.


iii. Incapacitated passengers may carry one wheelchair or mobility device free of charge. 


iii. The actual free allowance of the guest may differ if code share or interline traffic is involved. In these cases, the allowance is automatically calculated in compliance with IATA Resoultion 302.


iv. Free baggage allowance applied will be as stated in the Departure Control System (DCS) or on the e-ticket.

Interline and Code Share Allowance and Charging Policy 


Since IATA Resolution 302 determines the Most Significant Carrier (MSC) whose baggage allowance is to be applied when carriers involved in interline journeys or journeys with code share agreement apply different allowances:


i. The free baggage allowance shown on the ticket, the trip summary or in the check in system for interline or code share flights, whichever is accurate, is granted.

ii. For flights originating or terminating to the US/CANADA, the weight concept specified applies.

iii. Excess baggage charges are applied through to the final destination.

iv. The extra Flying Blue allowance is applied only when all carriers involved in the journey belong to the Sky Team Alliance



Pooling of Allowance


Pooling of excess bags is allowed for families or a group or party travelling to a common destination e.g. sportsmen, affinity groups etc.

The families or group or party shall be travelling together and check-in their baggage to the same destination on the same flight(s) at the same time.

Each individual passenger shall always be given their own individual baggage” claim” tag.

For security reasons only families are allowed to register their checked baggage in one check-in record.  

For groups during check-in each passenger in the group will check-in their baggage individually but the total allowance for the group applies.

Excess  charges applies if:



1. Each piece checked in exceeds the free weight allowance or piece/s allowed for all the family members, group or party.


 Note: The pooling consist in pooling the number of baggage but not the weight per piece for example if Free Baggage Allowance = 2PC of 23 kg each, customers cannot come with 1 bag of 18 kg and another of 26 kg).


2. A special baggage has been checked in, for which a charge is due e.g. sporting equipment




Extra Seat for Cabin Baggage, cargo, mail (CBBG) or Passenger Comfort (EXST)


Extra seat(s) can be booked for passenger’s comfort (e.g. leg rest, etc.) or for stowage of cabin baggage (e.g. valuables, diplomatic pouch, fragile items, musical instruments, paintings etc.)


Baggage Allowance for an Extra seat purchased

Acceptance Conditions

i. Extra seat(s) shall be requested and paid for in advance. Approval is needed from Revenue Management.

ii. The normal applicable free checked baggage allowance applies for every extra seat booked (EXST). For example, 1 passenger books 2 extra M-Class seats for comfort. The total checked baggage allowance for this passenger will be 3 x applicable free baggage allowance.

iii. If a seat is used to place items on (CBBG), these items may not weigh more than 46 kg per seat. 

iv. (The kilos placed on a seat, shall not be deducted from the total free checked baggage allowance.) Items placed on a seat should be adequately packed to prevent damage.

v. Trunks and crates are not allowed as CBBG. 

vi. Items must be stored on a seat and be properly secured by a safety belt or restraint device having enough strength to eliminate the possibility of shifting under all normal anticipated flight and ground conditions.

vii. The item shall be adequately packaged or covered in a manner to avoid possible injury to passengers and cabin crew members.

viii. Extra seats for stowage of items shall not be issued on the emergency exit row. 

ix. The items carried on the extra seat shall not restrict access to or use of any required emergency or regular exit, or aisle(s) in the cabin.

x. The items stowed shall not obscure any passenger’s view of the seat belt sign, no smoking sign or required exit sign.

xi. Items may not cause disturbance to other passengers.

xii. Both passenger and CBBG shall be booked in the same class of travel.


The items shall be limited to the sizes stipulated below;


Aircraft Type   Maximum Allowable size of items stowed on Extra Seat


48X73X40 (width x height x side length) CMS

B737 Series

48X60X40 (width x height x side length) CMS

E190/E170 43X60X40 (width x height x side length) CMS




When an extra seat is purchased to transport baggage in cabin, CCBG, the standard baggage allowance applies for every extra seat purchased.

When an extra seat is purchased for comfort, EXST, the standard baggage allowance applies for every extra seat purchased.



When an extra seat is purchased for corpulent passenger, the extra seat does not benefit of a free baggage allowance. 



Accompanied Company Material (COML)


i. All movement of accompanied company materials to/from outstations shall be approved and consented by controlling manager.

ii. All requests for authorizing excess COML as accompanied baggage shall be forwarded to the controlling Manager. 

iii. The station teams shall ask for copies of consent.

iv. The approval shall be appended on the booking of the staff accompanying the company materials. 


Advanced Baggage Allowance (ABA)


Passengers will soon be able to buy an extra piece of baggage with a discount of 20% on the website 


a. Applicability 

01 PC of extra baggage is allowed, weight depends on route and class of travel purchased in advance.

It is Non refundable and Non transferable.

It is issued under an Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD). 


NOTE: EMD policy for trader markets remain as is.



b. Advance Baggage Allowance is not available for:

Infants travelling on infant fare (no seat)

Unaccompanied Minors

Transportation of special baggage for which special excess baggage excess fee is applicable e.g.  bicycle, arms and ammunitions etc.