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Hot Deals

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  Fare  Cabin  Book Now 
Nairobi £490.06 Economy Book Now 
Mombasa £476.06 Economy Book Now   
Malindi £476.06 Economy Book Now   
Kisumu £613.06 Economy Book Now  
Zanzibar £533.56 Economy Book Now  
Kilimanjaro £473.16 Economy Book Now  
Dar es Salaam £432.56 Economy Book Now   
Kigali £429.96 Economy Book Now  
Entebbe      £446.06 Economy Book Now  
Harare £514.26 Economy Book Now  
Lusaka £500.66 Economy Book Now  
Livingstone £500.66 Economy Book Now  
Lilongwe £604.36 Economy Book Now  
Blantyre £604.36 Economy Book Now  
Maputo £600.66 Economy  Book Now 
Gaborone £641.16 Economy Book Now  
Bujumbura £607.66 Economy  Book Now  


Date change allowed at GBP 150

*Minimum Stay : Saturday night  

*Maximum Stay : 3 Months 

*Advance Purchase : 3 Days 

*Prices correct as of 7 May 2015  

Above fares to Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar are applicable on Kenya Airways flights only. A GBP 40 surcharge (per sector) will be applicable for travel on Precision Air




  Fare  Cabin  Book Now 
Nairobi £2129.26 Premier World Book Now 
Dar es Salaam £1776.26 Premier World Book Now   
Entebbe  £1740.46 Premier World Book Now   
Kigali £1820.66 Premier World Book Now  
Kilimanjaro £2123.26 Premier World Book Now  
Harare £1929.26 Premier World Book Now  
Lusaka £1824.86 Premier World Book Now   


Date change allowed at GBP 200  

*Minimum Stay : Saturday night /6 nights  

*Maximum Stay : 3 Months 

*Advance Purchase : 7 Days 

*Prices correct as of 14 May 2015