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The Kenya Airways Website, www.kenya-airways.com is designed to work  with modern browser features as listed below.


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In order to get the best experience of our website , cookies, javaScript and SSL must be enabled in your browser preferences.  Disabling any of these features or using an older or non-compatible browser may mean that you won't be able to experience Kenya-airways.com  fully.


Please Take Note:

These browsers use the automatic update methodology for continuous updates which means updates may occur rapidly and un-announced.


We may discontinue support of existing browsers if they no longer conform to W3C standards or have reached their end of life and are not supported by their development company.


Common issues with Browsers 

Pop-Up Blockers:  Pop-up blockers may block some functionality on our site.


Session / Time Outs.  For security purposes, Online booking sessions on Kenya-airways.com sessions expire due to inactivity  (10 minutes) or if you leave Kenya-airways.com.   In most instances, you'll just start over the task that you’d like to perform when returning to Kenya-airways.com. 


Firewalls:  Please be aware that your home or office firewall or network settings could impact the ability to enable cookies.

Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode: Kenya-airways.com website  is  supported on  compatibility mode.