Visa and Health Information

Any passenger who requires a visa needs to have at least one free blank page (no writing whatsoever) in their passports. Exempt from this rule are passengers travelling back to their home countries. Failure to this may result in denied boarding.


Effective 14th February 2014, all travellers to India from the Republic of Kenya need to have completed a full course of vaccination against polio preferably with Polio Oral Vaccine (OPV) and should receive an additional dose of OPV at least six weeks before each international journey. The validity of a full course of vaccination will be one year. In addition to this, a written record of vaccination for polio must be carried.

*This is not mandatory for transiting guests

New visa regulations for Zimbabwe 

It is a requirement for nationals of some countries to apply for a visa before travelling to Zimbabwe. Click here for the full list of countries 

Passengers whose countries do not have a Zimbabwe embassy should apply online and must get confirmation of visa granted through mail.



Effective 13th June 2013, nationals of Kenya travelling to Mali are required to obtain their visa before departure.