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Kenya Airways Selects GEnx-1B Engines to Power Boeing 787 Fleet

NAIROBI, KENYA – April 2, 2012 – Kenya Airways has selected the GEnx-1B engine to power its nine firm Boeing 787 Dreamliners with an option for four additional aircraft.

Speaking at a press briefing in Nairobi today, Kenya Airways Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Dr. Titus Naikuni said the airline had settled on the GEnx-1B engine as GE had designed the engines to provide a base thrust of 70,000 lbs. to power the state-of-the-art Dreamliner aircraft for which the airline has placed nine firm orders with an option to buy four more. 

“The 787 is expected to achieve between 15-17% fuel efficiency over the 767 with this particular engine type. This will enable the 787 to fly further with more passengers and cargo than the 767. It is also designed to deliver significant reduction in fuel burn and noise,” explained Dr Naikuni. “In addition, the engines are bigger, quieter and more efficient than the Boeing 767 engines, have reduced fuel burn and longer periods on the wing between overhauls. This means the Dreamliner will come with lower maintenance costs and therefore ability to be flying longer,” noted Dr. Naikuni.

“GE is committed to partnering with African companies to usher in a new dawn of Africa’s growth and increased regional and global integration. Our partnership with Kenya Airways is a case in point that demonstrates how GE works in Africa to increase Africa’s competitiveness with the rest of the world,” said Jay Ireland, President and CEO for GE Africa.

His words were echoed by Kevin McAllister, vice president and general manager of Global Sales at GE Aviation who said “the GEnx-1B engine’s thrust capability along with its improved fuel burn and lower emissions and noise will help Kenya Airways achieve its goals of lower operating costs and increase its performance both which are elements that are key to its business plan.

Based on proven GE90 architecture, the GEnx engine will offer up to 15 percent improved fuel efficiency compared to CF6 engines and this fuel efficiency translates to 15 percent less CO2. The GEnx's innovative twin-annular pre-swirl (TAPS) combustor will dramatically reduce NOx gases as much as 55 percent below today's regulatory limits and other regulated gases as much as 90 percent. Based on the ratio of decibels to pounds of thrust, the GEnx will be the quietest engine GE has produced due to the large, more efficient fan blades that operate at slower tip speed, resulting in about 30 percent lower noise levels. The GEnx will be the world's only jet engine with both a front fan case and fan blades made of carbon fiber composites. 

“Fuel accounts for about 40% of the airline’s direct costs.  The Boeing 787 has been marketed as being as much as 20% more fuel efficient. With rising fuel prices, fuel efficiency was considered as a critical aspect of the selection criteria,” added Dr. Naikuni.

The GEnx-1B engine is the best-selling engine on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the GEnx engine family is the fastest selling engine in GE’s history. To date, about 1,300 GEnx engines are on order from customers around the world. The first GEnx-1B engine-powered Boeing 787 Dreamliner was delivered last week.

Revenue-sharing participants on the GEnx are IHI Corporation of Japan, Avio SpA. of Italy, Volvo Aero of Sweden, MTU of Germany, TechSpace Aero of Belgium, Snecma (SAFRAN Group) of France and Samsung Techwin of Korea. 

The GEnx is part of GE's "ecomagination" (our global commitment to producing ecofriendly products) product portfolio - GE's business strategy to develop new, cost-effective technologies that enhance customers' environmental and operating performance. 

Kenya Airways remains the fastest growing airline in Africa and is pursuing a network expansion strategy to link all African countries with the world, making it the airline of choice for travelers in the continent. For more information, visit www.kenya-airways.com. 

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