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Where to go when visiting Kigali?

Kigali is the rapidly developing capital of Rwanda. Modern, with vibrant markets and nightlife, it provides an excellent introduction for first-time visitors to Africa. Book your flights to Kigali with Kenya Airways today to discover this popular and enchanting destination.

Transport in Kigali

Motorbike taxis are an ideal way to quickly cover short distances, and local minivans (matatus) are affordable and run on set routes around many areas of the city.

Museums in Kigali

Learn important aspects about the city’s past and pay your respects at the moving Kigali Genocide Memorial. Discover past events from a military perspective at the Campaign Against Genocide Museum. Admire modern art with a local African flavour at Inema Art Centre, and see more splendid artworks at Rwanda Art Museum, which is housed in the former Presidential Palace. Take kids to the Kandt House Museum of Natural History.

Shopping in Kigali

Browse Kigali’s busy markets, including fresh produce at Kimironko Market and Nyabugogo Marche Market, and local crafts at Caplaki and COOTRAC. Buy a wide array of items in the modern malls, which include Kigali Heights, KBC, and the CHIC Complex.

Hiking in Kigali

Spend a few hours walking up Mount Kigali, passing charming homes and walking through natural areas. Admire the sweeping views from the peak and rest in quiet contemplation before going back down to the city.

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