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Where to go when visiting Nampula?

Nampula is the third-largest city in Mozambique, after Maputo and Beira. It was established in 1956 and it not generally known as a tourist destination, although there are a number of hotels and restaurants that do cater for tourism. Book your flight to Nampula with Kenya Airways.

What You Need To Know About Nampula

There are a few important things to take note of when travelling to Nampula.

  1. May to September is the best time to visit Nampula in Mozambique. Summer months are extremely hot and humid, and Nampula is situated in a high-risk malaria area.
  2. If you are entering Nampula, Mozambique from a Country outside of the African Continent you do require a Visa. Check the latest Mozambique visa requirements
  3. Depending on what time of year you are travelling to Nampula will influence what you need to pack. Generally, summer clothes, something warmer for early mornings and evenings: sunscreen, forms of identification and a camera should be taken with. Insect Repellant is a good idea.
  4. You currently do not need any vaccinations when travelling to Nampula. You should make sure by asking your Travel Agent a few months prior to your visit. If you are travelling from a country that has Yellow Fever you will have to be vaccinated against it in order to enter Mozambique. Anti-malaria tablets may be required, so check with your GP a few months prior to your visit.

Transport & How To Get Around Nampula?

A small international airport connects Nampula to other regions of Mozambique, Nairobi and Johannesburg. It is best to arrange a vehicle prior to traveling to Nampula. There are taxi and buses, but hiring a car or having someone who can take you around is a must.

Attractions and Places to visit in Nampula Mozambique?

Nampula is the third-largest city in Mozambique. It is the centre of business in northern Mozambique. Nampula has a few western-style hotels, restaurants and shopping centres. It also has a small international airport connecting to Nairobi in Kenya and Johannesburg in South Africa and is a transport hub for local transport in Northern Mozambique. Once being ruled by Portugal it is rich in history and tradition.

Although not generally known as a tourist destination, there are beautiful landmarks and museums to visit.

Where to go when visiting Nampula?

If traveling on business or stopping over, two of the best hotels in the area are Hotel Milenio and the New Hotel. Both offer reasonable rates and sufficient accommodation. For local vibe and cuisine visit Sporting Restaurant. 700 meters from Hotel Milenio, it offers great quick service, local cuisine and a relaxed comfortable environment.

For a quaint, beautiful experience stay at one of the B&Bs. Terraço das Quitandas is one of the best in the area. Situated in the old part of Stone Town, close to the Museum and Fort, and in easy walking distance of several nice restaurants. It is a rebuilt old house with unique character. Catedral de Nossa Senhora da Fatima is the main highlight in Nampula.

It has Several sculptures, paintings, and stained glass windows. It is a beautiful sight from the road, but just as lovely inside. For a look into the history of the people of Nampula Mozambique, the National Ethnographic Museum is the place to visit. Plenty of artifacts and narratives belonging to the indigenous people of Mozambique can be seen here.

You can also look forward to plenty of Makonde carvings and the carvers working on their craft. The Ilha Blue Island Safaris are another raved about attractions. They operate in and around Ilha de Moçambique. Ilha. They offer low impact, small group tours by bicycle, sea-kayak and Arabic sailing dhow. Each tour provides you with a unique and intimate Ilha experience.

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