Best Price Guarantee

Our prices are better than good. They are guaranteed!

We are confident that you will find the best prices on In fact, we guarantee it. Our guarantee is when confirming your flight(s) purchase on and find a lower fare on any other channel online that has the same attributes of bookings as we will match the fare and the taxes of this channel. The booking attributes must include;

  • Country of booking,
  • Currency of booking,
  • Itinerary or routing
  • Cabin i.e. Business class or Economy class
  • Fare Family attached with specific purchase conditions.

The fare must be one that is all-inclusive and one at the purchase or check-out page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Best Price Guarantee (“BPG”) applies to the lowest available fares in the economy and business class of KQ at the time of booking. It applies to all fares available to the public, excluding the following:

  • Niche fares (e.g. corporate discount fares, military fares, student fares)
  • Airfares sold as part of a package
  • Fares where the carrier or itinerary details are unknown until after purchase

All claims MUST be submitted through a form available on our website and the same will be directed to our reservation team. Once the claim is received, verified and validated, our reservation agent will share with you, a promo code that can be used to make the booking and apply a discount online. The discount will be equivalent to the fare difference up to the permitted limit.

You will be required to share with our reservation team the issued ticket for our records.

  • If you find a lower fare online that applies for the country of booking for the same flight, itinerary, cabin, currency and booking class on the same day you purchase your KQ online ticket, you can file a claim. If the claim is valid, we shall match the lower fare with additional inform of a promocode.
  • Please make sure you file the claim on the same day as the purchase date (Before midnight in your time zone).
A claim form is available here. To submit this claim form, fill in all required fields and click 'Submit'. A KQ customer service representative will send you an e-mail regarding the validity of your claim.

  1. Price Parity benefit
  2. Guaranteed servicing
    • Easy access to our contact center via phone, WhatsApp, Chat, emails 24 hrs 7 days a week
    • Ability to place your refund through a self-service option on the website
    • Ability to modify your booking through a self-service option on the website
    • Easy access to the fare rules, restrictions, and other booking conditions
    • Access to all fare options available with accompanying attributes
    • Option to upgrade to more flexible fares on display with ease
  3. Time to Think product which gives flexible ticketing limit at a small fee
  4. Carbon off-set program that allows you to compensate emissions resulting from travel activity.
  5. Always the first to know when deals and offers are on the market
  6. Guaranteed communication in case of flight disruptions
  • The Kenya Airways Best Price Guarantee is currently only available to Kenya Airways customers in the United States of America market, who book on or Kenya Airways Mobile App. The United States market is our pilot market and the same will subsequently be rolled out in other markets in due course; communication of which shall be made in advance before the material date and time.
  • To qualify for Best Price Guarantee, the fare difference should be higher than USD 15 per person, which will qualify for a fare match of up to a maximum of USD 100 per person.
  • Best Price only applies to the flight component of your booking with Kenya Airways and does not apply to any land products (travel insurance or other non-flight products or services) purchased by you from
  • Your claim must be submitted prior to ticket purchase to allow validation and extension of a promo code.
  • The screenshot MUST be captured at the payment page just before check-out on both and third-party websites clearly showing the “Pay and Confirm” button with URL link at the top. This MUST be submitted together with the claim, on the claim form as an attachment available on Kenya Airways website..
  • All flights claims must be submitted by 11:59 pm on the same day you booked your flight(s) on
  • Applicable flight(s) include one-way or return and must be operated by Kenya Airways. Kenya Airways flights with 4-digit numbers are operated as codeshare services with other airlines and are excluded from Best Price.
  • The Best Price Guarantee applies only to online rates available to the general public. It does not apply to membership, corporate rates, special discounted rates including military fares, student fares, airfares sold as part of a package, fares where the carrier or itinerary details are unknown until after purchase.
  • The price difference cannot be due to taxes, fees, or a change in or use of a different foreign exchange rate. (all-inclusive gov tax and airline tax)
  • You will be governed by the terms and conditions applicable in the country of departure on your Purchased Fare.
  • You need to retain a screenshot or a printout that shows the final price inclusive of all taxes, fees, and surcharges of the Third-Party Fare. Kenya Airways may request to see this screenshot to help verify your claim. Kenya Airways will independently confirm the legitimacy of the screenshot and will verify any request that it believes, in its sole discretion, is the result of a printing or other error or is made fraudulently or not in good faith. Any incomplete claim forms or any other form of claim will not be accepted.
  • The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to flights booked through or in combination with our 1) frequent flyer program (Flying blue) loyalty points or other reward type programs; 2) booked using coupon or promotion codes or travel vouchers 3) won through contests or promotions.
  • Kenya Airways reserves the right to deny any claims that cannot be verified, or for which you have provided incomplete information.
  • Kenya Airways reserves the right to modify or cancel the Best Price Guarantee at any time without prior notice. Any modification will be effective upon posting of modified Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions on the Kenya Airways website. Any cancellation will be effective upon removal of references to the Best Price Guarantee and the Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions from the Kenya Airways Website.
  • These Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions include and incorporate by reference the standard Kenya Airways Terms and Conditions.

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