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Where to go when visiting Monrovia?

Monrovia, situated on the Atlantic Ocean, is the Capital City of Liberia, a West African Country. It gets name in honor of the former United States Of America President, James Monroe, who was one of the main supporters of the colonization of Liberia. It is one of two cities in the world that are named after a US President, the other being Washington D.C. Book your flight to Monrovia with Kenya Airways.

An Overview & Informative Guide To Monrovia

Monrovia was the first prominent African American settlement to be established on the Continent in the 1820’s. Liberia’s flag even shows some resemblance to that of the United States of America.

What You Need To Know About Monrovia

There are a few important things to take note of when travelling to Monrovia:

  1. November to February are the best times to visit Monrovia.
  2. A valid Passport and a Business Visa is required when visiting Monrovia, Liberia. The Visa policies are quite strict so make sure you have followed all the rules and regulations. Check the latest Liberia visa requirements
  3. Depending on what time of year you are travelling to Monrovia will influence what you need to pack. Generally, summer clothes, something warmer for early mornings and evenings; sunscreen, forms of identification and a camera should be taken with. Insect repellant is a useful addition to any packed bag.
  4. All your vaccinations should be up to date and you need to have been vaccinated against Yellow Fever in order to gain access into Liberia.

Transport & How To Get Around Monrovia?

Monrovia houses Liberia’s largest harbor, and there are two airports in which you can gain access into the City. Spriggs Payne is the closest to the city centre, whereas Roberts International Airport is about 60 kilometers from Monrovia. It is best to find out how to get around the City by consulting with your booking or travel agent. Taxis and rentable cars are available.

Attractions And Places To Visit In Monrovia

Monrovia is in Liberia, and is a really interesting and beautiful Wes African City. There are some great architectural sights to see such as the Rivoli Cinema, Hotel Ducor and the EJ Roye Building. Ce Ce Beach and the Centennial Pavilion are rated highly by many people travelling to Monrovia.

Where To Go When Visiting Monrovia?

The waterside market and Blo Degbo (A human-shaped rock formation) are high up on any tourist’s wishlist. The First United Methodist Church and Masonic Temple are also great attractions.

A visit to Liberia’s National Museum is well worth a visit, although the museum's collection was depleted severely during the Civil War, there are 3 floors for you to wander around on.

Monkey Island is one of the most famous attractions. It is about a 90-minute drive from Monrovia and is made up of six different islands, where six groups of Chimpanzees call home. These Chimpanzees were the subjects of many experiments up until the Civil War in 1974. The tests were done by the New York Blood Center, and even though the tests have stopped, the New York Blood Center group continues to pay to house and feed these amazing creatures. To arrange a visit you would have to get the number from a tourist agency or hotel and they will make a plan for you.

Where Can I Go To Eat In Monrovia?

The top 5 restaurants in Monrovia are:

  • Kaldi’s Kofee
  • Barracuda Bar
  • Mamba Point Hotel Restaurant
  • Fuzion D’Afrique
  • The Cape Hotel Restaurant

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