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Where to go when visiting Freetown?

Freetown, situated on the Atlantic Ocean, is the largest city and Capital of Sierra Leone. The City’s population stands at around 1 million people. Freetown is a diverse city with many cultures and religions making up the population. Book your flight to Freetown (FNA) Sierra Leone with Kenya Airways a Delightful Travel Experience

An Overview & Informative Guide To Freetown

Freetown was founded in 1792 and has a tropical climate that makes it hot and humid throughout the year.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Freetown?

January to March are the best times to visit Freetown.

Do I Need A Visa To Visit Freetown?

Many residents from West African countries do not require a Visa to visit Sierra Leone, but if you are from a country outside of West Africa you will more than likely require a Visa. Check the latest Sierra Leone visa requirements

What Should I Pack To Visit Freetown?

Depending on what time of year you are travelling to Freetown will influence what you need to pack. Generally, summer clothes, something warmer for early mornings and evenings; sunscreen, forms of identification and a camera should be taken with. Bring insect repellant with.

Do I Need Vaccinations To Visit Freetown?

Before visiting Free Town or Sierra Leone, you should make sure all your routine vaccinations are up to date and you have been vaccinated against Yellow Fever. Anti-malaria medication is advisable.

How To Get Around Freetown?

Lungi International is the main airport in Sierra Leone and is located across the sea from Freetown. There is a ferry and hovercraft service to Freetown from the airport. It is best to find out through your travel or booking agent what the best forms of transportation in Freetown are, as the Country’s infrastructure is very limited.

Attractions And Places To Visit In Freetown

The Capital City of Sierra Leone is the vibrant Freetown. It is the largest city in the Country and is well known for its unspoilt, beautiful and desolate beaches of which there are a lot: Lumley Beach, Goderich Beach, Lakka Beach, Hamilton Beach, Sussex Beach, No. 2 River Beach, Tokeh Beach, York Beach, Black Johnson Beach, John Obey Beach, Bureh Beach, Kent Beach and Mameh Beach. There is also Bruce and Banana Island

Where To Go When Visiting Freetown?

A lot of the attractions in Freetown are not very well developed and advertised, but there are some really great places to go.

National Rail Museum

This museum situated in Cine Town has a number of steam and diesel trains, including one that was used by Queen Elizabeth during a state visit. All the trains have been restored and are great to see.

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

An appointment needs to be made to visit the sanctuary, and if you are travelling there unaided, make sure you have a 4x4 vehicle.

Cape Sierra Leone Lighthouse

This great attraction is at the end of the peninsula. It is a historical lighthouse built in 1812 by the Portuguese. There are some great views to be had of the Atlantic Ocean from around and inside the refurbished lighthouse.

There are also attractions such as the Sierra Leone Museum, Charlotte Falls, Hill Station Club and you can view the colonial houses on stilts, from days gone by.

A visit to the Aberdeen part of Freetown is highly recommended and is a great place to pick up some unique curios and crafts and to have a bite to eat.

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