Baggage Drop-off Counters

Customers who have luggage to check in are provided with two options to streamline the process. They can either drop off their luggage at designated baggage drop-off counters or at the check-in areas.

This option is particularly convenient for passengers who have completed the online check-in procedure and only need to deposit their bags. When utilizing the check-in counter, the baggage is meticulously weighed and appropriately tagged.

 These measures are in place to ensure the baggage's security and to link it accurately with the corresponding traveler.


Baggage Drop-off Counters

Baggage Drop-off Time

The timing for baggage drop-off can vary based on the region of the passenger's travel:

  • For local flights, bags can be dropped off up to 1 hour prior to the flight's closing time.
  • For international destinations, a longer timeframe is necessary, with a minimum of 3 hours required for baggage drop-off.

To facilitate a smooth journey, it is highly recommended that passengers arrive at the airport well in advance of their flights. This not only allows ample time for the baggage drop-off procedure but also ensures a relaxed and stress-free experience. By arriving early, passengers can navigate through these processes at their own pace, guaranteeing a seamless start to their travel journey.