Unaccompanied Minor

Traveling alone as a minor can be an exciting adventure, but it's natural to have concerns. At Kenya Airways, we prioritize the safety and comfort of unaccompanied minors. Here's what you need to know to ensure a secure and seamless journey for your young traveler:

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Guidelines & Requirements

Guidelines and Age Restrictions: Our unaccompanied minor services cater to children aged 5 to 14, with specific guidelines in place to ensure their well-being and assistance. Children aged below 5 years must travel with an adult guardian

Required Documentation: To facilitate a smooth journey, the Unaccompanied Minor Form must be completed accurately. This form provides essential information about the child, guardians, and designated pickup person. Get form here

Other Airlines: Unaccompanied Minor will be accepted on Kenya Airways itineraries and on itineraries involving another carrier provided that prior to travel the Unaccompanied Minor request has been confirmed by all airlines concerned

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Expert Support & Fees

Expert Assistance: A dedicated team handles the booking process, ensuring all necessary information about the child, parents/guardians, and the designated pick-up person is collected accurately.

Unaccompanied Minor Fee: While a fee applies for unaccompanied minor services, it covers the personalized care, support, and supervision provided during the trip. The fee is exempted for Domestic travel only, (NBO, MBA, KIS)

Unaccompanied Minor Groups: If an unaccompanied minor group is not accompanied by an adult, unaccompanied minor fees will apply. If accompanied by an adult, our standard group policy will apply.

Tailored Flights, Smooth Transitions, and Efficient Check-In

Tailored Flights: Our system helps you choose flights that align with your child's schedule, with a focus on non-stop or minimally connected routes for a smoother journey.

Transition at International Airports: For passengers with separate documents and onward domestic sectors on other airlines, our unaccompanied minor service concludes at the international airport. This ensures a seamless transition.

Overnight Connections: For safety reasons, overnight connections are not permitted for unaccompanied minors. Please plan their journey accordingly.

Efficient Check-In: To streamline the process, our staff assists with an early check-in, ensuring that all required documents are in order and the child is prepared for their trip

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Gate Assistance, In-Flight Support, Communication, and Dietary Accommodations

Gate Assistance: An airline representative accompanies the child through security and to the departure gate, familiarizing them with the airport environment and answering any queries.

In-Flight Support: Our attentive cabin crew ensures the well-being of the unaccompanied minor during the flight, providing assistance with meals, entertainment, and any needs that may arise.

Constant Communication: We maintain open lines of communication, updating you about the flight's status and any changes, giving you peace of mind.

Special Dietary Needs: If your child has dietary preferences or restrictions, we accommodate them with appropriate meal options when informed in advance.

Comfort and Care for Unaccompanied Minors

Comfort from Home: Encourage your child to bring familiar items like a cherished toy or blanket to create a sense of comfort during the journey.

Detailed Contact Information: Your child will have access to contact details for both parents/guardians and the designated pick-up person to ensure seamless communication.

Timely Arrival: The person picking up the child at the destination should arrive well ahead of the flight's scheduled arrival time, ensuring a smooth handover process.

Comprehensive Training: Our staff undergoes comprehensive training to manage unaccompanied minor travel professionally and compassionately.

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Contingency Plans, Communication, and KOOLFLYERS

Contingency Plans: In the unlikely event of disruptions, our staff follows well-defined protocols to handle unexpected situations, keeping your child's safety paramount.

Regular Updates: We maintain regular communication with both you and the designated pick-up person, ensuring everyone is informed about the child's progress.

KOOLFLYERS: Students availing unaccompanied minor services under the KOOLFLYERS program must present their membership card. This helps us ensure their safety and eligibility for the service.

At Kenya Airways, we understand the importance of providing a secure and positive experience for unaccompanied minors. Trust us to make your young explorers journey with us safe, smooth, and memorable. Your child's well-being is our commitment.

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