Infant & Toddlers

At Kenya Airways, we understand that traveling with infants requires special attention and care. Here's how we aim to provide a seamless and comfortable experience for you and your little one: 

Travel Comfort for Families with Infants

Priority Boarding: Families with infants are usually offered priority boarding, giving you extra time to settle in and prepare for the flight. 

Bulkhead Seating: Our aircraft often have designated bulkhead seats equipped with bassinets. These seats provide extra legroom and space for your baby to rest comfortably 

Bassinet Reservations: To ensure availability, you can request a bassinet when booking your flight or through our customer service. We'll do our best to accommodate your request. 

In-Flight Changing Tables: Our lavatories are equipped with changing tables to make diaper changes more convenient for you. 

Warm Water and Baby Supplies: Our flight attendants are ready to assist with warm water for bottle preparation and can provide essential supplies like diapers and wipes in case you run out. 

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Enhanced Support and Services for Families Traveling with Infants

Cabin Crew Support: Our trained cabin crew is always ready to help, whether it's with warming bottles, assisting with stroller storage, or providing guidance on infant-friendly entertainment options. 

Family Pre-Boarding: We offer families with infants the option to pre-board, allowing you extra time to settle your belongings and get your baby comfortable. 

Special Meals: If your infant has started eating solid foods, we offer special baby meals upon request. Please inform us in advance to ensure availability.

In-Flight Entertainment: Some of our aircraft have dedicated screens with baby-friendly content to help keep your little one engaged during the flight. 

Lap Infant Policies: We have specific guidelines for traveling with lap infants, including information on ticketing, baggage allowance, and age restrictions. Please review our policies before your journey. 

Flight Attendant Assistance: Our flight attendants are trained to assist with various aspects of infant travel, from preparing baby bottles to offering tips for soothing during the flight.

Infant-Friendly Amenities and Care

Ear Pressure Comfort: We understand the challenges of ear pressure for infants. Our cabin crew can provide guidance on feeding or using a pacifier during takeoff and landing to help alleviate discomfort. 

Hygiene and Cleanliness: We prioritize maintaining clean and hygienic conditions on our flights. You'll find accessible lavatories equipped with essentials for changing and feeding. 

Supportive Atmosphere: We aim to create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for families traveling with infants. Our crew and fellow passengers are understanding and considerate of your needs. 

Safety Measures: Your infant's safety is paramount. Our crew will provide guidance on securing infants during turbulence and ensuring that you have the necessary safety equipment. 

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At Kenya Airways, we're committed to making your journey with your infant as smooth and comfortable as possible. We value your trust in us and look forward to serving you and your family on board.