Preferred Seats: Your Pathway to Quicker Disembarkation

Upgrade Your Journey with Convenient Seating Choices 

At Kenya Airways, we believe that every aspect of your journey should be designed with your convenience in mind. Introducing our Preferred Seats, an innovative seating option that offers you both comfort and a speedy exit from the aircraft. 



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Discover Comfort and Efficiency

Imagine settling into your seat with the knowledge that you're not only getting a comfortable spot but also positioning yourself for a more efficient exit upon arrival. With our Preferred Seats, you'll experience the best of both worlds—comfort during your flight and a swift disembarkation once you've reached your destination.

Your Path to a Quicker Exit

When you choose Preferred Seats, you're choosing a journey that doesn't end when the plane touches down. Situated closer to the front of the cabin, these seats put you at the forefront of the disembarkation process. Say goodbye to waiting in long lines and hello to a seamless transition from flight to your next adventure.

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Available Across All Flights

Wherever you're headed, our Preferred Seats are available on all flights, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of efficient disembarkation no matter your destination. Business trips, family vacations, solo getaways—whatever your reason for traveling, our Preferred Seats are here to make your journey smoother.

Reserve Your Preferred Seat Today

Don't wait to make your journey even more enjoyable. When booking your next flight with Kenya Airways, be sure to explore the option of Preferred Seats. Elevate your travel experience, arrive with a sense of ease, and start your journey with the comfort and efficiency you deserve.

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Choose Preferred Seats, where comfort meets efficiency at Kenya Airways. Your journey, your choice

Platinum Free of Charge
Gold Free of Charge within 72hours
Silver Free of Charge within 24hours
Ruby 10% discount


Seat Maps

787-8 Seat Map 737-8 Seat Map E-190 Seat Map
787-8-seat-map 737-8-seat-map 190-seat-map