Duty Free Shopping

Our payment methods are as follows:



- US Dollars

- Other currencies (notes only) 

We accept most major currencies, including Kenya Shillings. Please ask your cabin attendant for details.


Credit Cards: 

Credit cards are only acceptable for purchases over US$20.

Due to onboard authorization limitations, credit card purchases are limited to US$300 per passenger. (Subject to change without notice.)

Why the limit? Unfortunately credit card fraud is rife! You'll be asked by cabin crew to present your passport and ticket together with your contact details when paying by credit card.  

Please don't take offence, this is in fact a request from credit card companies and is designed to protect you as much as ourselves!


Travellers Cheques: 

Please consult your cabin crew for the traveller's cheques which are accepted on board.


Debit Cards: 

Not Accepted.