Excess Baggage Charges and Special Baggage Charges

Piece/Bag Domestic
Intra - Africa 1/5th Freedom Sector

Intra - Africa 2

Africa 1-Middle East/Asia

Africa 2-Middle East/Asia

Africa -America/Europe

1st Piece5075150175200200
2nd Piece 5075150175200200
3rd Piece and more pieces75100175175250300
Baggage more than 23kg but
less than 32 kgs (Extra charge per kilo)
Special Baggage
Bike/Tandem up to 23kg
Scuba Tank Empty up to 23kg
107 cm< />< />

Arms and Ammunitions205050505050
Approved bag exceeding 32kgs and/or
more than 158 cms, but not exceeding
50kgs (SSR approval required e.g Motorized
wheelchair above normal free allowance)


1.For each allowable piece that exceeds the allowable weight, excess baggage charges shall apply.

2.Chargeable special baggage will not be accepted as a free allowable piece including for frequent flyers.


DomesticDomestic Kenya
Intra Africa 1 and all 5th Freedom
sectors (5th Freedom sectors are all flights KQ operate without touching the HUB, NBO)
Kenya,Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Seychelles and all 5th freedom flights sectors in the network e.g Accra-Freetown, Lusaka-Lilongwe,Bangkok-Guangzhou , Bangkok-Hong Kong etc.
Intra Africa 2All other African destinations

Middle East/Asia

Dubai, Mumbai, Bangkok, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Jeddah, Hanoi



NOTE:Value and Currencies

• All charges in USD except sales from Europe.

• All charges from Europe (JV) will be in Euro/GBP.

• The USD rate shall be used for conversion in all other currencies of trade (except Euro).

Baggage subject to excess baggage charges

i. All baggage (including special baggage) checked-in exceeding the free baggage allowances if feasible.

ii. A combination of excess weight and excess value charges.

iii. Carriage of special baggage on extra seat/s.


i. Guests arriving from wide body aircraft and connecting to narrow body aircraft may not travel with some of their excess baggage due to weight and space restrictions.

ii. For passengers travelling on wide body aircraft, a maximum of 10 pieces per passenger per flight may be accepted. If exceeding, advance arrangements with the carrier must be made prior to departure for approval processes to apply.

iii. For passengers travelling on narrow body aircraft, a maximum of 5 pieces per passenger per flight may be accepted. If exceeding, advance arrangements with the carrier must be made prior to departure.


Wide body aircraft - B787, B777

Narrow body aircraft - B737, E170/190

Excess Baggage Segregation

At Nairobi Hub, the baggage team shall ensure that on trader routes, baggage uplift is prioritized. The team shall ensure:

i. Free allowable baggage which has a higher priority than excess baggage is uplifted first including items such as wheelchairs or mobility devices.

ii. Loading of excess baggage shall be after completion of loading of allowable bags.

ii. Excess baggage is "subject to space" availability.