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Kenya Airways 2011-12 Full Year Announcement

 Kenya Airways sustained profitability in the financial year ended 31 March 2012 despite the challenging economic and geopolitical environment witnessed throughout the year.  Factors that negatively impacted the airline industry in the period included high fuel prices, euro-zone crisis and a generally weak economy in the West.  The airline carried over 3.6 million passengers by the end of March 2012 indicating a year on year growth of over half a million passengers.   During the year, Kenya Airways successfully launched three new destinations namely Ndjamena, Ouagadougou and Jeddah. 


The Board is pleased to announce that Kenya Airways achieved an all time high turnover of KShs 107.9 billion which represents a 26% increase on prior year turnover of KShs 85.8 billion. The Profit after tax realised was KShs 1.66 billion compared to the prior year profit of KShs.3.5billion. This represents a net profit margin of 1.5%, down from 4.1% achieved in 2010/11.  Earnings per share reduced to KShs 3.58 from KShs 7.65 reported in the prior year. 


Management continued to invest time and resources towards maintaining high levels of safety in all its operations during the year. 



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