Sky Priority

SkyPriority. A VIP treatment. 

With SkyPriority your journey is now more comfortable and faster. 

Thanks to this new product offered by KENYA AIRWAYS, Business Class customers and all SkyTeam Elite Plus members (including Flying Blue Gold and Platinum members) will benefit from an exclusive lane from check-in till baggage delivery to destination.

If you have the SkyPriority indicator marked on your boarding pass, all you need to do is to follow the airport signage and enjoy the SkyPriority facilities: 


Priority at ticketing desks  

Priority at check-in areas and drop-off  

Priority at document control and security  

Priority at transfer desks  

Priority boarding  

Priority baggage handling. 



What is SkyPriority and which are the priority airport services offered?

SkyPriority offers selected passengers a series of specialized airport services in order to make their journey quick and efficient, as follows: 

- Priority at check-in areas 

- Priority drop-off 

- Priority at ticketing desks 

- Priority at transfer desks 

- Priority at document control (in certain airports) 

- Priority at security filter (in certain airports) 

- Priority boarding 

- Priority baggage handling. 


  • Who is eligible for SkyPriority?

    The passengers eligible for SkyPriority are Business Class customers and SkyTeam Elite Plus members

  • How will the customers know they qualify for SkyPriority? Will they receive a special membership card by mail?

    The SkyPriority indicator will be printed in the top area of the boarding passes. Also, SkyTeam Elite Plus members will be directly informed by the mail sent by each airline loyalty programme

  • How will this project affect SkyTeam Elite customers? Will they benefit from fewer services?

    The current SkyTeam Elite benefits will remain unchanged as shown on, in section Flying Blue - Membership Benefits.

  • Will SkyPriority be globally available?

    Yes, SkyPriority will be available wherever SkyTeam member fly, depending on the airport infrastructure and facilities (for example: distinct lanes for security check and document control will be available only in selected airports)

  • Will SkyPriority be applicable by all SkyTeam carriers, including regional carriers?

    SkyPriority is applicable for all flights operated by SkyTeam carriers, including regional flights of code-sharing partners.

  • Will SkyPriority services be available to flights operated in a code-share agreement by member airlines?

    SkyPriority will be available only on SkyTeam operated flights. SkyPriority will not be available for code-share flights with a non-SkyTeam partner.

  • Will the people travelling with an eligible passenger benefit from the same SkyPriority services?

    Customers travelling with an eligible passenger will not benefit from the SkyPriority facilities.

  • Can a customer purchase SkyPriority services?

    The SkyPriority services are not available for purchase. SkyPriority is only available to passengers buying First Class and Business Class tickets, as well as to those passengers holding valid SkyTeam Elite Plus cards.

  • Is SkyPriority available at each airport where a SkyTeam member operates?

    SkyPriority will be gradually rolled out at 800+ airports, starting March 2012, reaching over 1,000 airports in 2013. Whether all benefits are available depends on the airport infrastructure

  • Which airlines are first to roll out SkyPriority?

    China Eastern, Delta Airlines, AirFrance, KLM, Czech Airlines, China Southern, China Airlines

  • When will SkyPriority be fully implemented?

    In 2013

  • What do eligible customers have to do when they get to the airport?

    Eligible customers will have to follow the SkyPriority signage

  • How many customers will benefit from SkyPriority?

    Approximately 5% of the SkyTeam customers, about 24 million customers, qualify for SkyPriority

  • Why only SkyTeam Elite Plus members and Business Class customers are eligible for SkyPriority?

    A small percentage of customers provide significant revenue to the company. Please note that SkyTeam Elite members will continue to receive all the benefits they currently enjoy through their current loyalty programme

  • If an Elite customer purchases a First or Business Class ticket, are they eligible for SkyPriority?

    All First and Business Class customers are eligible for SkyPriority