Boeing 737-800


Technical Information 
Number of Aircraft: 8 Engines
Max thrust per engine @ Sea Level
CFM 56-7B26
26,400 lb
Passenger Capacity
16  (Premier World)
129 (Economy Class)
Max. Take-off Weight
174,200 lb (79,015 kg)
Calibration unit
Maximum Range
3,060 nm (5,665 km)
146,300 lb (66,500 kg)
Typical Cruise Speed
Mach 0.78
93,935 lb (42,698 kg)
Yes – 180mins
1,555 cu ft (44cu m)
Min. runway length
4,000 ft - practical minimum
RVR (Relative Visual Range)
Cat II 100’ DH and 1,200 RVR
Fire Category 
Fire extinguishing system installed in forward and aft lower lobe cargo compartments. System certified for 195 minutes fire suppression (Ref: 0224-000036 - EXTENDED RANGE TWIN ENGINE OPERATIONS (ETOPS). Conforms to FAR 25.857 Class C

ILS Category
Cat II