Passengers transiting in Dubai who have checked baggage are required to inform the staff at transfer gate B which is located near gate 118. Failure to do so will result in their baggage not being transferred.



Withdrawal of Immigration Departure and Arrival cards for Kenyan passport holders  

Kenyan passport holders travelling out and into Kenya are no longer required to fill immigration cards at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.


Wildlife Conservation and Management Act (2013)

The Government of Kenya prohibits the possession or dealing in wildlife trophy without valid permits issued by the Ministry of Environment. This includes Ivory, Rhino horn, furs claws, teeth, bones, eggs, meat and feathers. The penalties for violations of the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act of Kenya are the most punitive in the world and include life imprisonment even if in transit. To avoid any inconvenience, please do not purchase any wildlife product while in Africa.

  Wildlife Conservation Management Act 2013 


International Check-in  

For all international flights, passengers are required to check in at least two and a half hours before departure of flight (irrespective of Class of travel). Counters close one hour prior to departure.


Domestic Check-in   

Passengers on domestic flights passengers are required to produce some acceptable form of identification at check-in. They are required to check in at least one and a half hours (irrespective of Class of travel). Counters close 30 minutes to departure.


Priority Check-in  

Flying Blue Elite members(Gold and Platinum) traveling from Nairobi to any destination can enjoy a smoother journey as Kenya Airways offers  priority check in and boarding, lounge access with one guest, among other prestigious rewards!

Remember to present your Flying Blue card at the counter to automatically register your miles. Request for an upgrade if you have sufficient miles and get the opportunity to enjoy our business class services. Upgrades are applicable only if you hold an economy ticket booked on S,B or M booking class. Upgrades are subject to availability.

Enroll online and join the Flying Blue elites


Online Check in    

You can now check in online with an e-ticket  from 30 hours until 2 hours before departure!

Jump the longs queues at selected airports and choose your preferred seat and print out your boarding pass at your convenience. At the airport, drop off your luggage at the dedicated online check in drop off point and proceed to the boarding gate. Online check in is now leaps and bounds ahead with Kenya Airways.