General FAQs

  • Am I allowed to smoke at the lounge?

    Smoking in the lounges (Both Simba and Premier lounge) is not permitted but there is a designated smoking area outside the Premier lounge

  • Are there arrangements or assistance for special needs? Special needs (e.g. requests for wheel chairs) must be requested at the time of booking, not less than 24 hours before the flight departure.

    For further details, please contact your local Kenya Airways office or write to us at

  • Can my pet travel in the cabin with me?

    Pets are not allowed in the cabin when traveling Kenya Airways. They may however be accepted as Cargo. Please see more details here.

  • Does KQ accept a medical case on board?

    Yes. Kenya Airways can accept a medical case on board but the request ought to have been made at the time of making your reservations and appropriate directions given by a competent KQ staff member with regards to medical certification, charges and necessity for the passenger to be accompanied.

  • Is it possible to use a laptop on the plane?

    Yes it is possible to use a laptop while traveling Kenya Airways but only at cruise level and after obtaining the express permission of the cabin crew.

  • My child is traveling alone. Is this allowed on the Kenya Airways flights?

    On traveling Kenya Airways flights, children of ages between 5 and 11 may travel unaccompanied. Kenya Airways makes sure the unaccompanied minor stays under the custody and supervision of airline personnel on both departures and arrivals. For further details, please contact your local Kenya Airways office or write to us at

  • What do I require to fly my pet with me?

    To fly your pet with you aboard the Kenya Airways flights, you will require: export/import permit, vaccination/health certificate, your pet should not be pregnant, for the pet to go as cargo it must be to a final destination where KQ flies. for example - we can't accept a pet NBO/JFK as cargo...we would only accept it up to a Final destination AMS or LHR (this is because the connecting carriers do not accept AVI and PER cargo for onward connection)...the customer will then have to clear and make their own arrangements to JFK.....however if it goes as excess baggage, the customer can have a through routing to JFK and would therefore deal with the Kenya Airways Passenger Sales office and not Cargo.

  • What smoking policy do you have on Kenya Airways flights?

    Kenya Airways has a total Non-smoking policy on all flights.

  • Would I be allowed to carry my medication with me on board?

    Prior to your air travel, if you require special medication, medical approval and certification will be required for passengers at the check-in desk. The medical report should preferably be issued by your doctor and will be best if you can get the same endorsed by the Kenya Airways company doctor. For more information, please contact your local Kenya Airways office or write to us at