Technical Training is responsible for carrying out:-
• Aircraft Systems Type Courses
• Aircraft familiarization Training
• Aircraft Type Ramp and Transit courses
• Refreshers and Continuation Training
• IFE Training
• Human Factors training
• Fuel Tank Safety
• Electrical Wiring Interconnect System (EWIS) Training
• Aircraft Documentation
• Air Legislation (KCARS, EASA 145)
• Engine Run Training
• Structural Repair Training
• Basic Composite Training
• Engine Boroscope Training
• Embraer Flight Controls and Door Rigging Training
• E-Jet Flight Control Backlash Procedure Training
• Embraer Reliability Training
• Embraer CMC Usage and FHDB Analysis
• Incoming Goods Inspection Initial
• Maintenance Program Development & Reliability Analysis Training
• Production Planning and Control


Training School Courses 

We offer a variety of courses in our Technical Training school.
Click here to get a detailed list of the courses and the duration.  


Maintenance workshop

We have Avionics workshop, Calibration centre, Wheels & Brakes Workshop ,Non Destructive Inspection ,Machine Shop ,Electro Plating,Sheet Metal workshop e.t.c

Technical Training School

We offer ;Basic Airframe System Jet Engines & Turboprop Systems ,Basic Aircraft Electrical Systems , Basic General Aircraft Instruments ,Basic Auto-flight & Control System , Basic Radio & Navigation