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Kenya Airways' new aircraft to grow passenger traffic


Nairobi October 25, 2013... Kenya Airways projects a significant growth in passenger traffic over the next one year as it increases capacity through addition of new large aircraft onto its fleet.   


On Friday, the airline received the first of three 777-300ER aircraft, with the remaining two expected in 2014. The 777-300ER is now the largest aircraft on the Kenya Airways’ fleet, each with a capacity of 400 passengers and can carry over 20 metric tonnes of cargo.

Speaking during the ceremony to receive the 777-300ER from its manufacturer, Boeing, Kenya Airways’ Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Titus Naikuni said that the expansion of the fleet, in line with the airline’s long term strategic plan, paves way for the introduction of new continental routes.

“The year 2014 is going to be an interesting year for us. With the arrival of the two other 777-300ER aircraft next year, and the four 777-200 that we already have, we will have 4,400 passengers at any one time that they land,” Dr Naikuni added.
Cabinet Secretary for Transport and Infrastructure, Eng. Michael Kamau said that the acquisition of the 777-300ER would deepen Kenya’s trade connections through long haul flights.

“Though Kenya Airways operates as a private enterprise, it is a symbol of diplomatic influence. The airline has a larger global presence than the diplomatic stations that Kenya has opened around the world, thus it will continue to be the face and first point of contact with the rest of the world,” Mr Kamau added.
US Ambassador to Kenya, Robert Godec said that the delivery of the aircraft builds on deep relationship between Kenya and the US in the aviation sector.

“This is a historic moment because the 777-300ER is a remarkable plane. It will serve Kenya Airways well. I congratulate Kenya Airways for truly earning the title of being ‘The Pride of Africa’,” Mr Godec added.



The plane carried six tonnes of humanitarian supplies from the US destined for the Alaskan Sudan Medical Project in the Jonglei region of South Sudan. The delivery of the supplies is supported by Kenya Airways, working with Boeing.
The new 777-300ER joins the already existing range of Boeing planes in the airline’s fleet – which includes 25 passenger aircrafts and two freighters.

Among the exciting features in the plane’s Premier World section are: full flatbed seats with leather foot-rests, laptop stowage and armrests that also act as privacy dividers, Wi-Fi connectivity for passengers, high quality in-flight entertainment; a 15.4 inch touch screen monitor for each seat, power sockets and USB  ports. 

For the Economy Class, seats are also a cut above the rest, with articulating seat bottoms for better legroom, four-way adjustable headrests, in-flight handset seatback and large 10.6 inch touch screen monitors. Each seat also has a USB port, with power sockets strategically installed throughout the cabin.