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Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, is situated at the confluence of the Blue and White Niles.  Among the tourist attractions here are the Omdurman camel market, the Arab souk and the National Museum. The main areas of archaeological interest include Bajrawiya, Naga and Meroe. 


Sudan is bordered by Egypt, the Red Sea, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic, Chad and Libya. The city proper has a population of well over a million inhabitants, making it the second largest city in the country, but forms with its neighbors, joined by bridges, Khartoum North (al-Khartûm Bahrî) and Omdurman (Umm Durmân) a metropolis totalling probably over four million.

Juba is a city in Sudan, the regional capital of Southern Sudan and the capital of the Sudanese state of Central Equatoria.