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Pet Carriage

Transporting your pet can be a stressful experience for both you and your beloved pet. Kenya Airways is committed to providing caring, comfortable, stress-free service for both of you.

Pet Travel Services
The carriage of pets in the aircraft cabin is not permitted.
Only cats and dogs will be accepted through Kenya Airways Cargo with an Airway bill and all the other necessary documentation.


As advance arrangements for pet travel services are required, please alert your travel agent or local Kenya Airways office at the time of booking that you will be traveling with your pet to ensure an easy journey for all. Our staff will check on space availability and provide advice on the regulations and requirements for the carriage of pets to your country of destination and/or transit points.

For charges contact the cargo department on +254 733 207 226 or +254 733 267 057 or


Interline Carriage:
When interline carriage is involved, please note that on-carriage of pets must comply with other carrier's rules and regulations.

Essential Documents and Health Requirements:
Please ensure that you have the following documents ready for your pet, at least seven days prior to departure:


  • Valid export/import permits from the relevant governments of your destination/transit countries.
  • Valid airway bill
  • Valid health and rabies vaccination certificates from appropriate government authorities of your destination/transit countries.(For dogs, rabies and parvo virus vaccinations are required).
  • Any additional or special documents that may be required by governments of your destination/transit countries
    Note: Please also ensure that your pet meets the appropriate quarantine requirements. Your pet may be subjected to quarantine on arrival at your expense. The quarantine period may vary, at the discretion of your destination(s) veterinary authorities.

Comfort and Care
Animals travel under less stress when they become accustomed to their shipping container before they travel. To familiarise your pet with its container, place a favourite toy or treat inside the containers to create a positive and comfortable association.

Whenever possible, book a direct, non-stop flight and avoid holiday or weekend travel. Consider schedules that minimise temperature extremes—for example, try to avoid travel during excessively hot or cold periods. Morning or evening flights are preferable during the summer months.

Container RequirementsThe design and construction of the container must conform to IATA LIVE ANIMALS REGULATIONS. In general, you will have to provide your pet with a correct-sized, well-ventilated, and leak-proof container which meets the following requirements:

  •  It is strong enough to prevent damage by the pet.
  •  Leak proof, securely fastened and well ventilated.
  •  Spacious enough to allow the pet to stand in the natural position, turn around and lie down.
  • The container should be labelled or imprinted on three sides with a "This way up" orientation and on one side with "Live Animal" label.
  • Suitable pet containers are usually available in most professional pet stores. Feeding and watering instructions must be affixed to the container. As our handling agents would like to address your pet by their name, it would be useful if you could indicate your pet's name on the container, as well.