To/ From Europe Piece Concept 
If weight per piece in Economy class is more than 23 kg but not above 32 kg, a charge of EUR100.00 or equivalent in local currency applies.
For each extra piece not exceeding the maximum allowed weight 23 kg in Economy and 32 kg in Business class) and size, a charge of EUR200.00 or equivalent in local currency applies.

NB: Bags above 32kgs have to be forwarded as freight

Rates per kilo in USD (Weight Concept) 


  Africa 1  Africa 2  Africa 3  Africa 4 
Within the Area  3 6 7 8
To and From MESA  6 8 10 12
To and From Far East  9 10 12 15


1. For all itineraries that have Precision Air sectors, with the exception of Dar es Salaam, Mwanza and Zanzibar, an additional USD 3.00 per kilo will be charged. For sectors within domestic Tanzania,charge USD 3.00 per kilo.

2. For sectors that the policy does not cover, normal IATA baggage rules will apply and for any excess weight the IATA rates should be used, that is 1.5% of the IATA full economy fare for the sector.




5th Freedom Excess Baggage Rates 

Within the Area  Rates per kilo in USD 
Malawi - Accra & v.v 5
Freetown - Accra & v.v 5
Abijan - Dakar & v.v 5
Bamako - Dakar & v.v 5
Douala - Bangui & v.v 5
Accra - Dakar & v.v 5
Lubumbashi - Ndola & v.v 5
Bujumbura - Kigali & v.v 3
Cairo - Khartoum & v.v 3
Djibouti - Addis Ababa & v.v 3
Bangkok - Guangzhou & v.v 8
Dubai - Hong Kong & v.v 8



Africa 1 

Nairobi / Mombasa / Kisumu/ Malindi/ Entebbe/ Dar es Salaam/ Kigali/ Bujumbura/ Seychelles/ Kilimanjaro/ Eldoret

Africa 2 

Khartoum/ Cairo/ Addis Ababa/ Djibouti/ Lusaka/ Ndola/ Liliongwe/ Juba/ Blantyre

Africa 3 

Johannesburg/ Gaberone/ Maputo/ Antananarivo/ Harare/ Kinshasa/ Lagos/ Accra/ Abijan/ Douala/ Libreville/ Yaounde/ Bamako/ Dakar/ Dzaoudzi/ Moroni/ Bangui/  Brazaville/ Luanda/ Nampula / Livingstone

Africa 4 

Lumbumbashi/ Cotonou/ Monrovia/ Free Town/ Ouagadougou


Dubai/ Mumbai/ Jeddah/ Delhi / Abu Dhabi

Far East 

Bangkok/ HongKong/ Guangzhou


London/ Amsterdam/ Paris



1. The rates are not directional. They apply equally both ways e.g. Dubai – Nairobi and Nairobi – Dubai will have same charge per kg
2. Same rates and excess weight allowance are applicable for staff
3. Sports equipment as per passenger handling manual (PHM)